Employee Spotlight: Alyssa Luther, Contract Manager 

QTS Location: OVP

Years with QTS: 6 years


  1. What does a day in your position look like?

    One of the things I enjoy most about working on QTS’ Vendor contracts is that no two days are alike. There are days where I’m working on a bunch of small agreements and closing them out super quick, and then days where I’m pouring over one agreement for hours at a time. I like the fact that my day to day isn’t repetitive. It keeps things interesting.


  2. What is your favorite part of working for QTS?

    One hundred percent, the people I work with. There are some amazing folks at QTS that I truly care about. It’s always great to know they will have my back.

  3. How has your career path changed over your years at QTS?

    When I first started at QTS I joined as a paralegal in our Legal Department. It was during an attorney’s maternity leave that I started working on vendor contracts to help lighten the load of my coworkers. The more I did it, and the more I learned, the more I enjoyed it. In early 2022 I reached out to Krissti Turpeau who was looking to high a contracts manager for the Procurement Department and that seemed like the next logical step to take. It’s been a great journey for me.


  4. What passions do you have inside and outside of your career?

    I love reading, writing, and puzzle games, all of which I think help in my career. I often say that working on a contract is not unlike a game of sudoku. You know what pieces you need, you just have to figure out where they go. Other than that I love playing videogames, drawing silly doodles, or watching some good old fashioned reality TV with my lovely wife.


  5. What does a perfect summer day outside of the office look like for you?

   My perfect summer day is a late breakfast followed by some time at the pool with a good book in hand, and then taking the dogs out on a walk or to the dog park in the evening with my wife.