Women Inspiring Leadership (WIL)

Where there's a WIL, there's a way

We are a community that lift women and create opportunities for learning and growth during their time at QTS.  We seek to support and foster women within QTS and the technology industry through discussion and education. We encourage everyone, men and women, to take an active role in this program.


Fostering Women Through Events

Women In Leadership hosts monthly events featuring speakers from across the country covering topics that empower women to reach their full potential in and out of the office.

WIL Leadership Team

The women that make up the leadership team work to fulfill the goals and support the mission of the Women in Leadership Organization.

Bre Heller


Tay McHenry


Shelagh Montgomery

Executive Sponsor

Meg Caddick


Kaitlin Schaberg

Advisory Board

Amanda Reeves

Lori Barker


Alyssa Scheele


Kate Tioaquen

Community Engagement

Wendy Zopf


Abigail Mitchell

Parent Resources

Andrea Blomberg


Hannah Sinnett

Parent Committee


Women In Technology

Our partnership with WIT, a Georgia-based non-profit organization focused on supporting women in technology at all ages, allows us to provide additional events and programs that support our mission.

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