Our Vision

Create a fundamental shift in how data centers use and deliver digital services by rapidly designing industry-transformative technologies that are problem-solving, powerful and real-time actionable.


Who We Are

The QTS Innovation Lab (QIL) is an accelerated and dedicated development environment for QTS’ Service Delivery Platform focused on the rapid development of customer-facing, industry-moving innovation using advanced technologies.  

Chartered to develop actionable solutions with speed and velocity, the QIL is staffed with dedicated data scientists, AI, machine learning, and visualization experts to concept, experiment, test, and bring forth unique and innovative technology solutions implementing a minimally viable technique.  This approach fosters limitless innovation and puts new solutions into the hands of our customers rapidly. 

Raymond James Industry Brief

Data Maps and Killer Apps

“If we have a mobile app that can access a home security system remotely from Asia, can arm and disarm the system from overseas, simultaneously lock and unlock doors, and watch all of this live on video through a mobile app then download a daily activity log - all courtesy of our friendly broadband provider - why wouldn't a data center be able to offer anything less for cages of servers? QTS asserts its competitors can’t, and our research suggest that this isn’t as far from the truth as it might seem.”

July 26, 2020
Our podcast host, David McCall, for the QTS Experience, sits down with our CTO, Jon Greaves, to talk about Innovation and how we continue to innovate at QTS Data Centers.
June 29, 2020
Is there a way to share data center video feeds with customers in a way that is valuable? Project B-ROLL provides a secondary data source for physical security purposes. Integrating badge data with video feeds and augmenting with facial recognition and masking enables customers to "see" who's in the data center and what they are doing in the data center.
June 29, 2020
Using machine learning, can we predict power usage at the data center? Is there any real correlation between atmospheric weather or barometric pressure and power usage? Take a look at how we're testing multiple factors to enable customers to accurately forecast power.
June 29, 2020
Our clients require multiple ways to interface with SDP - web, mobile devices, API. But, what if we could also provide a conversational interface with a BOT? With Project PARLEY, we enable an automated and intelligent conversation with SLACK BOT and our AI Engine, ALFRD. This makes gathering information quicker and adds a new layer of intelligence.
June 29, 2020
Can there be weather in the data center? We think so. In the past, 2D images could only show time and value of data. Now, with integration into our 3D Mapper visualization app, we can see patterns and correlations not previously visible. We started with temperature. Check. Then we added vibration, airflow, air pressure, movement and sound. What are some of the key predictors of an issue at the data center? Fascinating results, in particular since we can view historical and future heat and airflow patterns using predictive modeling.
June 29, 2020
Our customers have requested a nimble way to collaborate with multiple QTS associates and remote client SMEs, simultaneously. Project 4TH WALL lets up to 8 remote parties collaborate and share video, audio and text live - so everyone sees and hears the same information at the same time.
From concept to reality

Project 3D Mapper

3D Mapper is the first concept to exit QIL and SDP development cycles and is now in the hands of our customers!

“QTS has thrown down the gauntlet with claims that its Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is superior to the competition and offers unparalleled views into activity and workloads in its customers' space.” Raymond James Industry Brief | Data Maps and Killer Apps


Brent Bensten
CTO of Product Development

Brent leads technology and innovation at QTS and for the past four years has been the driving force behind digitization of the QTS business which in turn led to the creation of the QTS Service Delivery Platform.

Brent identified the need to continuously challenge the status quo and look for the next moonshots in the data center industry. This focus on innovation created the QTS Innovation Lab (QIL) in 2019 to incubate applications such as 3D Mapper, Project Potential (predictive power usage) and Project Isobar (data center weather patterns). QIL’s mission is to create new enabling technologies with a focus on artificial intelligence, visualization and automation that radically reshape how customers interact with the data center providing transparency, visibility and digital services.

Beyond the data center Brent has a passion for workplace health initiatives including sponsoring events such as annual blood drives and helping to gamify fitness initiatives between QTS offices. Brent values family first and most enjoys watching his three kids play sports on weekends; he’s also a die-hard Washington Caps fan!

To reach Brent and QIL please contact qil@qtsdatacenters.com