Smart Family Remote Management Solutions

Transforming the off-site data center experience through intelligent automation, AI and machine learning.

Smart, remote management solutions take the guesswork out of data center operations. With real-time notifications and intelligent insights, you will know who is in your space and how your environment is performing from anywhere you work, through our self-service digital platform, SDP™.

Ready for no more guesswork? 

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QTS SmartCam

Intelligent, real-time vision system proactively informs customers as events occur using facial recognition and machine learning technology.  

Work Verification

Validate service provider and technician hours and scope of work performed.

Insider Threat Protection

Bad actors think twice knowing system captures, logs, and sends notifications for motion-based events.

Object Detection & Anomaly

Uses machine learning to tag new and moved items such as boxes, racks, cabinet doors ajar.

24/7 Live Streaming

Secure video feed accessible to approved users only. Removes need for 24/7 resource monitoring.

Proactive Notifications

Customize notifications as events occur based on your security and compliance requirements.

QTS Huddle

Collaborate with multiple stakeholders and a QTS tech with live video streaming to oversee and resolve critical operations at the data center.

Live Video Collaboration with DCO Techs

Identify and resolve issues quicker with live video streaming and collaboration with your onsite QTS technician

Implementation Oversight

Oversee new rack installations and cable configurations; direct changes in real-time

Break Fix Supervision

Troubleshoot in real-time with key stakeholders when critical assets fail; watch your trusted QTS tech perform the work live

Compliance & Auditing

Live oversight and record of work performed; archived for three months

Save Time, Save Travel Expenses

Our digital app enables fully remote resolutions; supports chat, audio and video conferencing for up to eight users per session

QTS SmartCart

Securely configure, test and troubleshoot racked equipment without traveling to the data center.

Untether Your Staff

No site visit required; works from anywhere in the world with an internet connection 

Secure Connection

Connects over secure SSH tunnel for out-of-band remote access

New Operational Efficiencies

Reduce costs associated with business travel or deploying a service provider to perform tasks

QTS SmartSensors™

Gain visibility into your racks’ temperature and relative humidity metrics and trends before thresholds are exceeded through our award-winning digital platform, SDP™.

Improve Availability

Avoid down time, extend equipment lifespan, improve equipment performance and efficiency 

Drive Savings

Every degree of upward change in baseline temperature saves energy; improve power and cooling costs

Climate Readings

Access temperature and relative humidity data on-demand