QTS Unveils “Smart Family” of Data Center Remote Management Solutions

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Smart Family joins QTS’ Service Delivery Platform expanding QTS’ ability to deliver operational efficiencies for customers


Overland Park, KS (June 1, 2021) – Responding to increasing demand from customers to manage their data center environments remotely, QTS Realty Trust (NYSE: QTS), a leading provider of hybrid colocation and mega scale data center solutions, today announced its new Smart Family of data center remote management solutions.


The Smart Family joins QTS’ API-driven Service Delivery Platform (SDP), the industry’s first self-service colocation orchestration platform that delivers complete transparency into the data center. SDP empowers customers to view and self-manage their environments from a single platform in real-time. 


The Smart Family solutions are built on advanced technologies that include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and predictive capabilities to enable real-time visibility and access, real-time notifications, and preemptive intelligent insights into customers’ colocation environments. Through agile innovation, the API-driven platform leads the industry in data center services delivery that is also reflected in QTS’ industry-leading customer satisfaction results.

QTS Smart Family

· QTS SmartCam is an intelligent, real-time vision system that informs customers as events occur in their colocation space. Providing an additional layer of visibility and physical security at the data center, SmartCam applies AI and ML to live streaming video of the customer’s controlled space to identify, capture, record,  and log motion-activated “events”.


Integrated with QTS physical security and badge management systems, SmartCam uses facial recognition to detect and identify badge holders such as employees and contractors, and tags unrecognized individuals for the duration of their visit. ML enables the system to detect objects entering and leaving the customer’s space and identifies anomalies such as a cage door left ajar or an abandoned package left in an aisle.


QTS SmartCam is available immediately for dedicated cage, suite and data hall environments across QTS’ U.S data center footprint.


· QTS SmartCart is a highly secure and intelligent keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) over IP service that allows customers to programmatically manage devices in their colocation space from anywhere in the world.


The ability to remotely access and control equipment at the data center has never been more critical than during the pandemic. As a result, the industry’s reliance on remote management tools and the effort to reduce trips to the data center is quickly becoming the new way of conducting business.


With SmartCart, customers can configure, troubleshoot and conduct tests on servers and network devices when they want from wherever they want. This enables  highly secure remote access to servers and network devices to help customers solve complex problems efficiently and preemptively.

QTS SmartCart is available today at select QTS data centers. 


· QTS SmartSensors provide real-time visibility into key temperature and relative humidity data at the rack-level and issue real-time notifications to keep customers informed of changes in their environment.


Environmental sensors, integrated into QTS building management systems, ensure ideal operating conditions for each location. They help prevent overcooling, undercooling, electrostatic discharge, corrosion and short circuits, optimizing a customer’s critical data center equipment.


With SmartSensor notifications, both customers and QTS critical environment technicians will be informed of climate metrics and trends before thresholds are exceeded, enabling a proactive approach to remediation of potential issues. SmartSensor customers can also apply predictive analysis to reveal future climate trends within their environment.

QTS SmartSensors will be available soon at QTS mega data centers. 


“QTS’ Service Delivery Platform delivers operational efficiencies for our customers by providing exceptional levels of real-time visibility from a single platform,” said Brent Bensten, Chief Technology Officer, QTS. “The Smart Family further extends QTS’ commitment to a premium customer experience by applying advanced technologies that put more remote control into our customers’ hands, eliminating costs associated with data center visits.”


About QTS

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